Jeff Shulze resume, job picture

Jeff is currently a Clinical Psychology graduate student, CSUN, as well as long time practitioner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Gracie Barra. His research interests involve Mindfulness, performance under pressure (choke/clutch), and sport specific interventions.



Mark Swansonmark swanson

“I am an undergraduate student at CSUN, majoring in Psychology with a minor in Finance. I am very passionate about sports, specifically baseball, and am also intrigued in knowing more about the Psychology behind sports.” – Mark Swanson


Michel De AngelisIMG_20141218_081446_973 (2)

Michel De Angelis is an undergraduate studying Kinesiology with an emphasis in exercise science. He hopes to one day apply concepts related to exercise and Sport Psychology to his work as a physical therapist.




Alfredo LeonSport Psych Pic

General Experimental Graduate Student, B.A.
California State University, Northridge

I am currently a General Experimental Psychology graduate student. My research interests involve principals in both Social and Sport psychology. Specifically, I am interested in gaining a better understanding of interpersonal relationships within sport.


Ethan Wilson12031545_1050524581625083_4220530589793618271_o

“I am an undergraduate student at UCLA majoring in Psychology and minoring in Statistics. I am fascinated by sports psychology research, and am most interested in pressure performance and resilience.” – Ethan Wilson