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“As a psychology undergraduate with an interest in psychology and a history with competitive sports, I naturally gravitated towards the field of sports psychology. I am particularly interested in performance enhancement and mental skills development, injury rehabilitation, and health and wellness coaching. One day I hope to be a consultant, as well as an educator in the field of sport and exercise psychology.” – Nathaniel Hoston


Lohnnie Tape-Jacksonunnamed

Lohnnie Tape-Jackson competes in the high jump for the CSUN track & field team, and hopes to become a sport coach upon graduation.




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“I am a recent CSUN graduate with a B.S. in Public Health and a minor in Psychology. I wish to pursue a Ph. D in Sports Psychology. My research interests include health psychology, mental Health and wellbeing, and sports performance among athletes.” -Monique Griffiths

Monique Griffiths, B.S.

Research Assistant/Study Coordinator

APA ProDIGs Undergraduate Scholar | (954) 549 – 0996

Andre Vartansports psych pic

“I am an undergraduate student at CSUN, majoring in Psychology. I love sports and find sports psychology very fascinating. I am interested in learning more about the mind and how it reacts under pressure in clutch situations.” – Andre Vartan



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“I am currently a senior in CSUN’s undergraduate Psychology Honors program. My desire is to become a cognitive behavioral therapist, while my dream is to open my own practice, eventually. I’ve always had a love for sports and believe that many of the factors that affect success in performance are similar to those that affect our functioning in day-to-day life, namely, anxiety. I hope to further my knowledge regarding anxiety’s effect on behavioral, cognitive, and social functioning; as well as to learn more about effective and efficient treatments (e.g. cognitive behavioral therapy) for anxiety and other related disorders in individual and couple settings.

Also, obligatory, ‘Go Dodgers!’ – Komeno Ogbeneme

Shelby Silvermanphoto for lab

“I graduated from California State University, Northridge in the Spring of 2017 with a B.A. in Psychology and two minors in Gerontology and Family Studies. My main interest is in working with older adults and I am currently applying to graduate school to get my Masters in Social Work. I joined the sports psychology research lab to push myself out of my comfort zone while still staying within my field of interest.” – Shelby Silverman

Mark Swansonmark swanson

“I am an undergraduate student at CSUN, majoring in Psychology with a minor in Finance. I am very passionate about sports, specifically baseball, and am also intrigued in knowing more about the Psychology behind sports.” – Mark Swanson