Dr. Otten and his cousin, Michael Saltzman, have a podcast! The theme of their first few episodes has been: how to fix your favorite sport. Each one has a topic guide in the description in case you’d like to skip around. Feel free to subscribe and comment, as these two guys try to change the sports world with their (sometimes questionable) brilliant ideas!

  1. Episode 1: NFL
  2. Episode 2: College basketball
  3. Episode 3: Major League Baseball
  4. Episode 4: NBA


The lab presents at the Western Psychological Association conference in Pasadena! From left, Nolan Murakami, Isabel López, Kaitlyn Swinney, Eric Miller, and Dr. Mark P. Otten.

Our presentations:

  1. University of California Psychology Professors’ Attitudes Towards the Graduate Record Examination –> DOWNLOAD
  2. To Exercise or Not to Exercise: Motivation of the Female College Student –> DOWNLOAD
  3. President Trump’s Controversial Tweet: On Pitching Decisions in the Baseball Postseason –> DOWNLOAD
  4. Choking, or Clutch Performance in Basketball? Elimination Games in NBA Playoffs –> DOWNLOAD